NYC Bodyworks, LLC

NYC Bodyworks, LLC

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Therapeutic Bodywork (in person)

Therapeutic Massage (60 min) - $150
Customized manual therapy session to reduce pain, improve flexibility, and help manage stress. Options include orthopedic/medical, sports, deep tissue, relaxation, pre/post-natal. Depth of pressure based on preference.
Structural Integration (60 min) - $160
Specialized method of hands-on deep tissue bodywork that reduces strain, and improves posture and alignment. This holistic manual therapy technique is particularly effective for persistent pain issues, and for healthy people to maximize potential. Developed by Dr. Ida Rolf as a progressive series, typically 10-13 sessions, scheduled once per week if possible.
Cranio-Sacral / Lymph Drainage (60 min) - $160
Light-touch manual therapy session designed to improve blood and lymph flow, and reduce neuromuscular tension and restrictions.

Integrative Health Consultations (remote)

Integrative Health - Initial Consultation (60 min) - $120
Discussion of personal health status and goals for new and returning clients. We'll touch on options for optimizing health, energy and well-being, and preventing/reversing disease and dysfunction, as needed. Sessions are remote (video/phone).
Integrative Health - Follow-up Session (45 min) - $90
Individualized follow-up. Depending on interest/need, focus may be on improving energy or mood, increasing fitness, weight loss, or preventing and reversing disease/ dysfunction. Topics may include exercise, nutrition, ergonomics, body mechanics and specific self-care techniques. Sessions are remote (video/phone).
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